Q- It is past my picture delivery date but I have not received my email. Where are my pictures? 

A- Search your email for the subject "Your gallery is ready". Often times it has gone to spam and this should pull it up. Be sure it is at the END of the promised business day, as this is when emails most often go out.


Q- My gallery is asking for a password but I was never given one/ don't remember it. 

A- The password is in your email containing the link to your gallery. Scroll down to view the text. 

Q- I don't understand how to order my digital images from my gallery. How do I access the free digital images included with my session?

A- Under any image in your gallery click on the shopping cart icon. This will pull up a new menu with the options Prints and Digital Media. Click on Digital Media and select Full Resolution All Gallery Photos. Add this to your shopping cart. Check out as you would any online shopping cart. It will ask for some personal information for delivery and security, but will not ask for any payment information unless you are ordering prints. After checking out, a new email will be sent to you containing a link to a zip file of your images. Download this to your computer or laptop for storage and for printing. Images will not have enough resolution to print from a cell phone. ONLY download to a cell phone for social sharing. 

Q- Why are my pictures/prints blurry?

A- Check the size/ location of your downloads. You must download Full Resolution files to a computer or laptop to print. Social Size is only for use on social media. Are you printing or viewing photos from a cell phone? Cell phones compress images to store them so your full resolution files will be blurry if you try to print them from a cell phone. 

We Are Always Here To Help

We are often out of the studio during business hours on location. For quickest response email us at or message us on Facebook.