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Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Picture day can be the hardest day of the year—first of all, there’s getting everyone ready and into the car, which usually ends in someone crying. Then when you finally get to the studio it’s new and scary, there are flashing lights everywhere, and no one wants to sit still. You wish they would just smile and be happy. You could always try to bribe them with lunch or candy, but that doesn’t always work.

We know this is a problem for most children, so here at Snap Shop we put each of our photographers through goofball training, meaning they are equipped with all the necessary skills to get the best smiles out of each kid. Our training includes different tricks and games to keep little ones entertained and enjoy the experience of getting their photos taken.

One of my favorite tricks is “bear friends”. We have teddybears for children to hold, snuggle, and play with. These soft, cuddly animals help children calm down and enjoy the photo experience

In a shoot we did a couple of weeks ago, a mother of four came in and wanted to capture the personalities and smiles of each child. Unfortunately, none of children wanted to be there. They were begging to change back into their play clothes and leave the studio. Then we pulled out all our bears for these kids (ages 2-8) to play with and the magic began. Regardless of their age, their eyes lit up and their personalities started to shine. They all loved the bears! Hugging the bear gave the two year old comfort and got her smiling, while for the 8 year old, it was something to do with his hands so he felt more comfortable

It’s amazing what these fuzzy animals can do for children. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t want to let go of that bear, we work to make sure each of the high quality pictures capture the unique personalities and smiles of each child (whether their new found friend is in the picture or not).