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How to Pick the Best Photographer

Picking a photographer that you are comfortable with is an important part of your picture taking experience. Sometimes it seems like everyone is a photographer, so how do you find the one that is right for you?

Is the photographer willing to work with your schedule?

First and foremost, the most important part of your picture taking experience is being able to actually meet with a photographer. Whether you are working or your children take long afternoon naps, you need someone who is willing to work with your schedule--not the other way around. We are open Monday through Friday, 10am-7pm. We are also open every Saturday from 9am-5pm. We chose these hours in order to be open and accommodate anyone’s schedule.

Does your photographer fit into your budget?

Getting pictures is important, but it shouldn’t break your bank to get great pictures. At Snap Shop we have worked to become the most budget friendly studio in Utah. We have the lowest price in Utah for a studio session. We want people to be able to document all the important stages in their life, without having to go into debt for it.

Can your photographer get your kids to smile?

Your kids are happy and they do smile a lot. It’s essential that your photographer is willing to take the time to get your children to smile. Our photographers are put through goofball training and have tons of tricks and tips to get your kids to smile. Not only are our photographers trained, but our sessions are designed to give your kids breaks to get comfortable with their environment.

Does your photographer stress you out?

If you are feeling pushed along in your session instead of relaxing and enjoying the moment you might not have found your photographer yet. At Snap Shop we have a stress-free policy. In our full studio sessions you have 45 mins at the studio. Again, we designed our sessions with enough time that if your kids need some breaks during the session they can have them and you don’t have to worry about losing any time on your session to get the pictures you want.

As you can tell, we have spent a long time figuring out the best way to run a photo studio. We would love for you to come into one of our studios and experience our process for yourself!