What to Wear!

Ever wonder what to wear for your photo session? Well let me start by saying GONE are the days of everyone in khaki pants and white shirts! So, then what? Does one person buy everything for the entire extended family? What if they don't like it or what if it doesn't fit! Well, here is the easy solution.

The best way to coordinate, but not too matchy-matchy is to choose 2-3 colors.  Let's say navy, grey and cream. Then let everyone know they have 3 rules... 1) Keep clothes within the color scheme 2) Match the season- so no shorts in a fall photo or no sweaters in a summer photo and 3) No words, logos or graphics on the clothing. Anything else will be great. 

A grey and navy plaid shirt with blue jeans on dad, a cute cream and navy dress with a denim vest on little sister, a navy blue sweater vest with a grey striped button up and khaki pants with navy converse on brother and mom in grey skinny jeans, a cream blouse and a navy patterned scarf.

And then when your extended family comes in with all their clothing, it will all be coordinating because they followed the color scheme! See how easy that was? Everyone gets to be comfortable in their own personal style, but everyone coordinates!

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