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'Tis the Season for Family

Family gatherings are always crazy, but they are also the moments you will never want to forget. You’ve been taking a million photos on your phone, but let’s face it, none of them are going to be put up on the wall worthy. What do you do? Well there are two options: one, sadly settle with the pictures you have or two, hire our photographers to help you save the memories. 

We recently did a photo shoot of a set of grandparents with their grandchildren. It was so fun! There were constantly little giggles, and little feet going through the studio as the cousins spent time together. We were able to capture their personalities and the love that they all had for each other. The grandparents loved seeing the cousins laughing and getting the hugs from all of them. 

Everyone loved looking through the photos with us afterwards, which led to even more giggles and hugs. Their photo experience will be something that everyone remembers for a long time.

Our West Valley studio is spacious, providing a perfect place for extended families to gather. While you’re here you’ll be treated like family! We’ll work to give you a great experience and, of course, images that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall!

Can’t come in all at once? No problem! We offer our Snap Super Session which allows families to come in when it best fits their schedules (we’ve even had families that have come in over the course of several months). Once every family is photographed we seamlessly blend each family group into one big family photo making it appear you were all together at the same time! We won’t tell if you don’t!!

As always our goal is to make sure that you have professional photos, a great experience and lasting memories. That’s what we’re all about!