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Beauty is More than just a Cute Smile

We often think that pictures are all about capturing the perfect smile; especially, when your kids are young. You want to get their smiles, because you know they are happy children.

Pictures are so much more than just capturing a smile. A picture is about capturing a moment—whether the moment is your child laughing, thinking, singing, or even just raising their eyebrows. Moments make up your child’s life and not all of those moments are of them smiling. Here at Snap Shop Photo we have a very unique and personal way of capturing your child’s moments. We make getting your pictures an experience that you will cherish along with your beautiful photos.

We send our photographers through goofball training. They are each equipped with funny sayings, jokes, and silly noises. Our photographer works to make the studio experience not only comfortable for you, but also fun for your child. Sometimes children are more serious, this is never a bad thing. We use different techniques to make sure they are comfortable. We then focus on capturing the light in their eyes and the thoughts in their head.

So if you child doesn’t smile, don’t worry. Beauty is more than just capturing the classic smile. At our studio, you will walk away with photos of their beautiful eyes, thoughtful expressions and tiny features.