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10 Snacks to Start your Summer off Right

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

As a kid, summer is all about ice cream, s’mores, and staying up all night. As an adult, summer is still exciting but it seems to be filled with more things like grocery shopping, hungry kids, and an empty fridge. You want to have a great summer, exploring and relaxing but when the kids are hungry the fun is over.

We get it! We’ve been there! So we asked our photographers what are their favorite summer snacks and here is our list. (You’ll love how healthy the snacks are and your kids will love how yummy they taste!)

1. Peanut butter boats

This is a classic--celery and peanut butter! You can switch it up by making your boats into snails for your kids! Find the recipe here.

2. Healthy ice cream bites

With only three ingredients this is one of the best treats to make! I think when people are talking about the simple things in life they are talking about easy to make delicious food. Find the recipe here.

3. Homemade trail mix

This one can be tricky because a lot of kids end up only eating the M&Ms, but it’s great when you go hiking or biking because it keeps energy up and everyone can grab a handful on the go. Find the recipe here.

4. Fresh fruit bowls

Who doesn’t want more fruit in their lives? Okay, besides our kids… A fresh fruit bowl is perfect because the combinations are endless. Start with fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries and you are all set. Want a protein kick? Stir in greek yogurt and top with granola...Viola! Healthy and Hearty!

5. Homemade popsicles

Popsicles are a great summer treat and if you make them yourself you don’t have to worry about weird preservatives or added sugar in them! Find the recipe here.

6. Frozen grapes

This is literally the easiest treat to make. Simply buy a bag of grapes and stick them in the freezer--leave them in there for at least 3 hours or a couple of weeks. When you’re ready for a cool snack just pull them out and let everyone enjoy nature's candy!

7. Homemade fruit leathers

Fruit leathers are a favorite and you can save yourself some money this summer by making them yourself! Trust us, it’s easier than you think! Find the recipe here.

8. No bake energy bites

We love this treat!  It feels like eating cookie dough--minus all the consequences! It’s so delicious! Find the recipe here.

9. Frozen yogurt bites

Another great frozen treat is yogurt bites! These are refreshing, easy to make and easy to eat! They are great for little fingers and mouths! Find the recipe here.

10. Apples and peanut butter

This is another simple snack and we are all about simple here! Simply cut up an apple and put some peanut butter in a bowl. If you all sit around the bowl, you’ll be surprised at how fast it gets eaten and the fun conversations you can have!

These are just a few of our favorite! We hope that they become some of you favorites too!!!