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Snap Shop Photo creates beautiful images through amazing experiences because fun is our superpower!

About Us

Snap Shop Photo is a company 25 years in the making. Our founder, Sasha, fell in love with photography when she was just 12 years old. Her grandfather was a professional photographer for the Chicago Fire Department. He became her inspiration and mentor as he taught her the magic and skill of photography. 

Sasha’s vision has always been to create a studio where every person is welcome, every interaction is positive, and every photograph is a true reflection of the individual. Snap Shop Photo is a dream come true. Because of Sasha’s vision, we are more than just a photo studio, we are a people company. 

Snap Shop Photo has a

Love for Photography and Passion for People.
With our mantra guiding us, we do more than just take pictures, we deliver memories. 

We have a Love for Photography.
We are a photo studio so of course we love photography. We love capturing the sweet moments and interactions of people. Snap Shop Photo has a team of highly trained professional photographers that are ready to make your ideas come to life during your fun photo session! We give brand new parents a beautiful reminder of their newborn baby’s sweet wrinkled skin. We create headshots that give business people the confidence to put their best self forward. We celebrate the amazing accomplishments of a high school senior by creating portraits that tell a story of their journey. We even go to Grandma’s 95th birthday party and capture the seemingly impossible memory of the entire family gathered from all around the world to

share the love.

​We have a Passion for People.
Passion for People for us means that we photograph every type of family and refuse to discriminate. Our goal is to be a positive force in the community. We are involved with several charities and are constantly on the look out for more ways to donate our skills. Let us know of any projects you think we should be involved in! 


 Your love for your images, don't let them get lost in your pocket.

Get them up on your wall!

Each online gallery gives you the ability to order prints from us with ease!

Our prints are high quality, professional grain, fast and budget friendly.

We also print on Canvas!

I have gone here for over two years. I love the photographers here. They remember our individual family when we come back. 


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